Past Projects: Advent

Seeing as it’s the 19th of December, the darkness is seeping in through the window and I’m feeling festive, I thought I’d write about one of the projects I completed as a student placement for Northumbria Police.

I was approached in the November to help to create a Christmas E-Card that the force used to run in December and the idea of an Advent Calendar came up. We decided (given the completely impractical nature of delivering tasty chocolate digitally through the users monitor) that each tile would reveal a festive message, liaising with the night time economy team who were running the fantastic “keys, money, phone” campaign on the run up to the New Year.

The calendar itself was a page with a fixed width div with a background image. Due to limitations at the time, the image had to be updated daily in the morning to highlight another of the 24 boxes as the current day. I used divs to create linked areas over active days (the current and any previous day) that when clicked showed a separate div formatted to show the content (this ranged from paragraphs of text to images and videos).

As development got into full steam (I was the sole resource, dedicating a majority of my days to getting it out) I was asked to produce another for Cumbria Constabulary. The two calendars ran throughout December, and was one of the very first large pieces of published content. It was also featured on the Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner website and was well received.

Given the time to do it again, there are ways I would have made the experience better for the user, and the code behind it cleaner, but I am proud to be able to say I was behind both advent calendars that year (2012).

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