Confessions of a Trello Addict

It started innocently enough – Christmas last year, and as per usual I was unorganised and getting closer to Santa’s departure date without a plan. For once, it wasn’t entirely my fault – our beautiful newborn was taking up most of my attention and efforts, but it was certainly on my mind that I had no clear plan on what on earth to get anyone, or indeed, who “anyone” actually was.

Kanban boards were  introduced to me during System Analysis at University, but I’ll be honest – I first chose Trello because it looked nicer than the application I was using at the time for standard To Do lists.

I set a column out for each individual I had to buy presents for and then attached gifts to each. Before I knew it, i was able to reign in the feelings of dread and I actually managed to get just about everything I wanted for people in time for Christmas day.

It wasn’t for a few more months when I revisited using Kanban boards, as part of a website refresh project that I was reminded just how useful the methodology had been for me in time of retail crisis.

Being able to split work into categories and assign labels and information to them to track progress really is a gift, and has made me a much more organised person as a result. Indeed, this year I had my list sorted for Christmas on the 1st of December and I finished my shopping by the 7th.

I now find myself recording everything, from creating a logo for a client – to cooking Sunday Dinner.

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